Romantic Night with Waldo Mendoza

Teatro Nacional, La Habana

Jan 13th 05:00 PM - 07:00 PM

To romantic music lovers, is dedicated this Saturday get-together at Café Cantante. If you just seek a place to start a romance, to surrender yourself to love tenderness, then, you've been looking for, probably without knowing, the performance of Waldo Mendoza, who is nowadays the singer who best represents this gender in Cuba.

Waldo Mendoza captures everybody's attention with his light tenor voice, an impeccable tuning and phrasing. Although his repertory basically is ballads and boleros, it includes lively rhythms as well, but always stuck to romantic style. “Chiquitica”, “Cuéntale”, “Quien” are some of the singles Waldo Mendoza always sings for his audiences. You have to see him alive if you truly want to appreciate Waldo Mendoza's musicality, since it's on the stage where he stands out and proves all his talent.

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