Dance Lessons at Casa del Son

Casa del Son, La Habana

Daily 10:00 AM - 01:00 PM

For many it’s enigmatic, almost incredible, the rhythm Cubans have when dancing any kind of music. From the most complex to the simplest, there isn't one they can’t dance, not to mention the mysterious salsa: it seems like magic the fact that two unknown persons may dance in couple that fast without missing a single step. Don’t allow this to be inexplicable to you: the Casa del Son will help you to discover all the secrets of the Cuban popular music.

Located at the crowded Empedrado street, Old Havana, the House of Son is a dance school for everyone, eager to learn cha cha chá, son, salsa, casino, mambo, rumba, bachata, kizomba and many more. The school also offers Spanish classes and Cuban percussion, for you to learn how to enjoy the Cuban music in every sense. (Note: Everyday at 10 p.m. lessons are free)

It is a colonial tile house, with tall windows and a fresh yard with a bar, where you can catch your breath and refresh with a mojito maybe, or any other cocktail you wish. Furthermore, the school's walls show works by young painters, so you have the chance of dancing, having fun, appreciating the architecture and also enjoying Cuban contemporary art.

All in just one place…Better offer, not possible.

Claudia E. G. Posada

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