La Casa del Bonsái La Casa del Bonsái

La Casa del Bonsái

La Casa del Bonsái, La Habana

Daily 10:00 AM - 09:00 PM

La Casa del Bonsái is a very small venue located almost at the end of Mercaderes Street ad next to the Plaza Vieja. It´s a bonsai shop, but bonsais are not the only thing you can find there. Elegant handicraft pieces may also be bought.

If you are looking for these little trees originally developed in Japan, La Casa del Bonsái has different species in offer, some bigger and older than others. Apart from teaching you how to take care of them, if you buy one you can go once a year and the owners help you by cutting the roots and the stalks and changing the plantpot if necessary, all for free.

Handicraft pieces are also attractive. Candles, little colonial vats and statues as well as jars, vases in all their varieties and other kinds of adornments are all over the place, giving it a very natural and quiet atmosphere.

In sum: nice treatment, relaxing ambiance and the possibility of carrying a grown tree in your very hands.

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