Ray Fernández Ray Fernández

Ray Fernández

El Diablo Tun Tun Piano Bar, La Habana

Thursdays 05:00 PM - 10:00 PM

Every week, Ray Fernández enters the piano-bar “El Diablo Tun-Tún” with his guitar over the shoulder. Shortly before he steps onto the stage, the place is already full. As usual, there are those who wouldn’t miss a show with Ray for anything in this world. The singer-song writer get used to entertaining with his songs, that mix wit, good humor and thinking.

While Ray is singing, he interacts with the public and improvises verse endings; people follow him: they sing the chorus together, beat the rhythm with their hands and dance from time to time. Within Ray's musical repertory, never miss the favorite tunes: Lucha tu yuca, Matarife, El gerente… Public looks happy and thanks applauding the opportunity to see him playing.

Ray Fernández is part of la nueva trova movement, but he's far away of being a callow youth. He's been performing over years in front of the Cuban audiences; according to Ray, trova is like a shout, that's why he has never dropped out spontaneity of his style.

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