A Space for Cuban Art A Space for Cuban Art

A Space for Cuban Art

Galería Maroya, Cienfuegos

Daily 09:00 AM - 05:00 PM

Cienfuegos has been preserved as one of the architectural jewels of Cuba. The multiplicity of architectural styles that proliferate in their facades is echo of the diversity and cultural richness of this region. Examples of this eclecticism, architectural and artistic, are visible in spaces where craft practices and modern expressions of art converge. The Maroya Gallery, located at # 2506 Ave. 54, in front of Martí Park, is an excellent example of this cultural dynamic.

The building where is it, was built in 1891 by Galo Díaz de Tuesta y de la Hoya, acquiring since then dissimilar functions, until 1993, when it becomes a space for arts. Its name means “moon” and constitutes an appropriation of native language. Currently, the Maroya Gallery is a place for the promotion and marketing of the work of Cuban artists and craftsmen.

The gallery exhibits some textiles, ceramics and other objects from the island’s rich craft tradition. It is also a place where permanently displayed reproductions of the most important Cuban painters and engravers. Sometimes, the gallery receives excellent temporary exhibitions of contemporary artists. The Maroya gallery is a real space to enjoy the Cuban culture.

Sundays just until midday.

Loliett M. Delachaux

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