Museo Nacional de Historia Natural: A Trip back in Time

Museo Nacional de Historia Natural, La Habana

Daily 09:00 AM - 05:00 PM

The Museo Nacional de Historia Natural, located on the famous Plaza de Armas, Old Havana, is probably one of the most visited museums in Cuba. The main goal of the museum is to preserve samples of Cuban and international animal and plant species, as well as to promote the environment’s care.

There are different exhibition rooms inside the museum. One of them is dedicated to show the scientific work developed by the specialists of this institution. Other rooms show the evolution planet Earth has gone through during millions of years, since the dinosaurs’ age until these days. Dissected animals and plants from other continents and, of course, a big sample of Cuban nature, with representative, endemic and also already extinct species, complete the exhibitions. Images, lights, sounds and film screenings are also part of the show, everything with the purpose of making the experience more and more realistic.

Most of the museum’s activities are aimed to kids, so they gather in specific days to learn new and interesting things about nature and the environment. There’s also the Miguel L. Jaume Library, with thousands of books about geology, botany, zoology, archeology and other natural sciences. Visiting the Museo Nacional de Historia Natural is always a nice excuse to learn about our origins and the world we don’t know.

Javier Roque

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