Art from the Colonial Ages Art from the Colonial Ages

Art from the Colonial Ages

Museum of Colonial Art, La Habana

Tuesday - Sunday 09:30 AM - 05:00 PM

The Museo de Arte Colonial, located on Plaza de la Catedral, may be considered as one of Old Havana’s most representative constructions, culturally speaking. House of important Spanish militaries during colonial times, it also worked as seat of renowned cultural institutions, like Real Colegio de Escribanos de La Habana, or La Discusión journal, or even the liquor company Arechavala. In 1969 it reopened as museum, which main purpose is to promote Cuban culture’s values, and also to show the quality of our colonial age arts. Today, there are 4 exhibition rooms, 3 of them permanent. If you walk into these rooms, you will find yourself in a very XVIII-XIX century ambiance, surrounded by exquisite pieces, representative of Havana’s seigniorial life. The house is divided in several rooms. In every one of them you’ll find elegance and very nice liking wherever you look at. The salon, for example, with its Rococo-Victorian style furniture, as well as porcelain and glass items, with beautiful and precise designs each one. The consulting-room highlights because of the Sheraton style piano, while the dining room is all French glassworks, porcelain tableware from Europe and paintings by famous Cuban artists, like Esteban Chartrand.
Of course, there’s more to see. Because every little detail here deserves your attention: doors, statues, garden, furniture, paintings, the architecture; absolutely everything. But now is on you. I just say if you really want to know which was the lifestyle of Havana’s rich people centuries ago, this is the place with the best answers. Sundays just until midday. Javier Roque Martínez

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