Callejón de Hamel: 100% Afro-Cuban Callejón de Hamel: 100% Afro-Cuban

Callejón de Hamel: 100% Afro-Cuban

Callejón de Hamel, La Habana

Daily 09:00 AM - 06:00 PM

Full of colorful walls and doors and sayings that tribute the Afro-Cuban culture, you can find the Callejón de Hamel, certainly a place where to breathe an unusual atmosphere.

This alley is a community project created by the artist Salvador González in 1990, to spread and promote the very original of the African themes, important part of the Cuban culture. Here everything, from the floor to the enigmatic and prophetic texts written on the walls, has something to teach you.

Besides, the location has other attractions. For example, at the bar La Carriola you can drink “El Negrón”, the place’s special drink, made of honey, rum, lemon, basil and water. You can also taste the most traditional Cuban dishes at the restaurant El Barracón, and if you want to take a souvenir, a piece of this delightful culture, you can visit different art galleries and kiosks all over the place, and buy collars, amulets, wooden miniatures, and more.

However, the best comes on Sundays. If you really want to feel the magic of the Callejón de Hamel, come at noon: drums, claves, African songs and dances, colorful customs, traditions in the air, fill up the alley, all dedicated to honor the Yoruba deities.

Claudia E. G. Posada

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