Reyno's Vergel: Evergreen at Reyno's

Reyno's Vergel, Villa Clara

Daily 09:30 AM - 04:30 PM

In the very intersection of Céspedes and Maceo streets, in Santa Clara City, a purer air may be breathed. And that because there resides a jungle in miniature, conceived to provide “a massage to the soul”, as the slogan of this little green nook says.

When you come into Reyno’s Vergel, the agitation from the city seems to disappear. The cactuses, begonias, orchids and bonsais conquer the whole place, which proposes to visitors a wide variety of ornamental plants, specially for outdoor’s decoration.

Here, you will find the exact suggestion for the watering and the general care of plants. Also, in this place, which opens from 9:30 am to 4:30 pm, flowerpots with shapes of turtles, mushrooms and little houses, fountains, macrames for hanging plants, ceramic birds, as well as veneers for terraces, gardens or exterior walls, may be bought.

You have the chance to solicit all these items according to your preferences, due to the artisan’s team in charge offers different creative possibilities to clients.

The plants at home or at work reduce the stress and help to relax, besides the fact of giving the place a more natural ambiance. So don’t think it more than twice and visit Reyno’s Vergel, a door, in the middle of the city, for feeling in the heart of a forest.

By Yariel Valdés González

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