Cositass: On Finding Perfect Presents Cositass: On Finding Perfect Presents

Cositass: On Finding Perfect Presents

Tienda Cositass, La Habana

Daily 09:00 AM - 07:00 PM

Miramar, Havana’s beautiful, upmarket neighbourhood, is, at the moment, an epicentre for new businesses. New restaurants, real-estate agencies, shops, bars and design stores. One of these new design stores is located right on 3rd Street between 28 and 30. Its name: Cositass (little things).

In this magical place you will find dozens of charming little things that will bring your home to life. Once having entered you will be dying to take all these little trinkets home with you. From lamps, boxes, adornments and posters- to amazing chests and wardrobes; its concept: everything is unique, there’s no mass production, guaranteeing that what you take away is one of its kind. Similar yes, but never the same, because they are handmade, so no two items are identical.

Another wonderful aspect about this place, is the location; not only because it is on one of the most beautiful streets of Havana, but also because it occupies an old garage, which gives it a rustic and cosy ambience that makes it different from other colder stores. Brick walls, wood shelves and faint light make this space not only a store but a lovely place, where all items look perfectly at home. They sell little things to help decorate a house, a studio, an office, but also for gardens and courtyards, such as flowerpots, carpets, and even fountains in different sizes.

This is, definitely, the ideal place to buy something for your houses, a nice gift for a dear friend, or simply to go there and take some ideas of how to organise our own “little things” at home.

By Adriana Marcelo Costa

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