Rock Night with Gens Rock Night with Gens

Rock Night with Gens

El Diablo Tun Tun Piano Bar, La Habana

Saturdays 05:00 PM - 09:00 PM

Every Saturday at eleven o’clock, Gens, one of the oldest Cuban rock bands, play their music at El Diablo Tun Tun Piano Bar, upstairs from the Casa de la Música of Miramar.

If you love this musical genre, this is a great opportunity to listen to some of the most famous songs of all times while in Havana, due to Gens is a cover band. Songs by The Beatles, Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin and Metallica, among others, are played by this group of musicians whose main purpose is to preserve the artistic legacy of rock music, as well as to promote its culture, especially among the new generations.

But Gens doesn’t only play other bands’ songs. They have also some of their own, which are the other part of the show. When the gig is over, DJs play music until six in the morning and people can continue dancing, drinking or just chatting with their friends.

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