“One-night affair” with Alain D. “One-night affair” with Alain D.

“One-night affair” with Alain D.

Sarao's Bar, La Habana

Thursdays 11:00 PM - 03:00 AM

Alain Daniel is a singer, whose talent, good looking and charisma have made him popular in the current scene. Those who know him in person assure he is a natural dancer and a party person, as many Cubans playful & enthusiastic. His lyrics featured by double meaning and lascivious comments definitely heat the atmosphere up and incite affair.

If you enjoy dancing, and Cubans, you’ll spend an entertaining and unforgettable evening as no other. The performance includes the Salsa hits "Una canita al aire" (One-night affair), "Tan linda y tan mala" (So pretty, so mean), but also, ballad-pop tracks, occasionally Chachachá, and mojitos/ daiquirís (why not?).

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