Boulevard D’25: A Piece for Everyone Boulevard D’25: A Piece for Everyone

Boulevard D’25: A Piece for Everyone

Boulevard D'25, La Habana

Daily 09:00 AM - 09:00 PM

A new place called Boulevard D’25 emerges to alleviate the long track that entails going out for a haircut, going shopping and then having dinner. A place that attracts us for the variety of services and entertainment it offers.

Gift shops, handicrafts and furniture, a sports center, coffee shops, sweet shops, hairdressing salons and restaurants liven up this conspiratorial mix that invites us to let ourselves get carried away and discover, little by little and on our own, all of these options.

There are proposals that will happen to be very inexpensive for the family, as it is the case of “Nana Café”, where prices vary from 1.60 CUC to 5.00 CUC; or the new branch of the popular “Boquitas” from Playa, that has opened at the Boulevard. While parents enjoy establishments like these, children will know how to have fun in the playground, where there are competitions, shows with clowns, and will also be able to play with the attractions installed in the Piñatera area.

Choose Boulevard D’25 to live a full experience, away from never-ending walks and the tedium of the streets. This is a refreshing stroll that will give the days out with the family the pleasure to share all treats at a unique place.

Address: 25 e/ M y N, Vedado, Havana

Text by: Fabio Henríquez

Translation: Beatriz Rodríguez

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