Kelvis Ochoa Kelvis Ochoa

Kelvis Ochoa

Corner Café, La Habana

Every Two Saturdays 11:00 PM - 02:00 AM

If you want to spend a special occasion, you have to follow Kelvis Ochoa, anywhere he is. Don’t mistake him with Eliades Ochoa. Both are excellent musicians, but Kelvis, that small devil with red hair, is a magnet since the moment he goes up to the stage.

He starts singing accompanied by his guitar, and few minutes later public is crazy about him. Kelvis is witty and spontaneous, impossible not to love him and his songs. Despite his strong debt with trova, he’s not considered a trovador, rather a music fusion maker.

Kelvis appropriates almost all traditional Cuban rhythms (sucu sucu, cha cha cha, macuta, songo) and mixed them with contemporary ones timba and funk. You won’t escape of dancing tonight, not if Kelvis is close. Take a picture with him, raise cups and, above all, don’t keep the experience for you, share it!

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