At Riera Studio: The Whispering Silence

Riera Studio, La Habana

Sept 8th- Oct 8th 09:00 AM - 05:00 PM

"El silencio susurrante" (The Whispering Silence) is the most recent proposal at Riera Studio, a cultural Project by Art Brut, which promotes singular artistic ways of expression made by creators that do not have academic formation in arts and who express themselves on the margins of the established cultural trends.

Strength, vigor, sensuality and obscurity predominate in this exhibition of landscapes whose authorship belongs to Federico García Cortizas. The drawings displayed reflect a rugged, sensitive and complex world full of hurdles and roots, of gloomy, entangled and dense forests.

"El silencio susurrante" will remain open until October 8th. Riera Studio shows the works of self-taught people, with mental disorders and extreme social conditions. Among its installations there stands out a reference center with information available about the artists and the preservation of most artworks, which cover from drawing and painting to sculpture.

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Translation: Beatriz Rodríguez

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