Museo de la Lucha Clandestina

Museo de la Lucha Clandestina, Santiago de Cuba

Tuesday-Sunday 09:00 AM - 05:00 PM

Located on the Loma del Intendente,l in the neighborhood of Tivolí, in Santiago de Cuba, the Museum of the Clandestine Struggle was inaugurated in 1976 to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the armed uprising in the city on November 30, 1956. For its historical, scenic and environmental importance, it was declared a National Monument in 1979.

The Pre-Baroque house that is today occupied by the Museum of the Clandestine Struggle was built between 1813 and 1824. It consists of two floors on which are distributed four permanent exhibition rooms, offices, an Activities Lounge and a wide and beautiful patio where political-cultural activities take place.

The permanent exhibition includes objects of incalculable value, belongings and documents of important personalities of the clandestine struggle in Santiago de Cuba and other localities. One example is the shroud used by Frank País García at the decisive meeting held in the Sierra Maestra in February 1957, Josué País García’s shirt and trousers and Salvador Pascual Salcedo’s tie and pants. One can see different security bonds issued by the movement both in Cuba and abroad, as well as medicines, medical instruments and other items that were sent to the Sierra.

There are also documents, photos, arms, war implements, personal and other objects that relate the events of the landing of the yacht Granma up to the demonstration of the mothers in the streets of Santiago.

Walking through the halls, the visitor is detained for a few minutes to observe the weapons used on the morning of November 30, 1956, the Molotov cocktails and the olive green uniforms with red and black armbands.

The Museum is linked to the community through a Socio-Cultural Project that has activities which attract the public. The technical staff is made up of experienced personnel who carry out the laudable work of preserving the cultural heritage stored in the Museum.

Through a visit to this museum, the visitor learns about the history of the Revolution through documents, photographs and other objects that were used by the main actors of the 26 of July Movement.

Address: General Rabí No. 1, e/ Santa Rita and San Carlos. El Tivolí

Hours: Tuesday to Sunday 9am to 5pm

Admission: CUC 1 (foreigners)

Text: Naryara García Costa

Booking Info:
Museo de la Lucha Clandestina
+53 (22) 624689

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