The Tradition of the Pottery Masters

La Casita del Barro, Sancti SpĂ­ritus

Daily 09:00 AM - 05:00 PM

The visitor who comes to Trinidad has no way to get lost if he/she is looking for the great masters of clay. In the city where everyone seems to know where the best studios are located, there's almost no risk of taking the wrong way.

It is no secret that Trinidad has a rich history on ceramics. This tradition dates back to the mid-nineteenth century, when a workshop was founded by Don Secundino Santander, whose skills have been passed down to successive generations, until our days.

They know very well how to mold the clay and turn it into an artistic piece. Yes, because what it used to be at first a profession for providing bricks and lime to the village, soon started to go beyond and vary their production to vases, jars, pots, jugs, water filters ..., surpassing the utilitarian purpose in order to reach a high artistic and decorative content.

La Casita del Barro is one of those workshops that emerged from the ancient tradition, a place of good taste and simplicity, with quality products at reasonable prices. In there, mostly molded by Neidis Santander's hands, we can find ceramic relief murals worked, dishes with Pre-Columbian decorations, reproductions of Trinidad's facades and streets, and unique pieces made in various formats that combine ancient techniques and the most modern ones with a particular brand.

B. Junco

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