Pedro Pablo Oliva's Studio

Estudio de Pedro Pablo Oliva, Pinar del Rio

Daily 10:00 AM - 04:00 PM

Pinar del Río is the birthplace of one of the greatest exponents of the Cuban painting. The work of Pedro Pablo Oliva, neoexpressionist by nature, is characterized by a mastery of color, a great chromatic diversity and his mostly socio-political themes.

Loyal to his hometown, Oliva has developed almost all his work in Pinar del Río, and promoted the cultural development of the younger generations. In 1998, he founded the House-Workshop Pedro Pablo Oliva, in Calle Martí No. 160, in order to promote art, literature and culture in his native province; reason why he has received numerous awards from several institutions in Cuba.

Currently this house is used as his workshop and centre of his creations. Under the motto: “Strictly forbidden to stop dreaming”, the Oliva’s studio welcomes visitors by appointment. You will enjoy works even unexposed in museum or galleries, loaded with a strong socio-political sense that evade the government's vision.

With some luck, visitors can see Oliva in the creative process, sitting in front of the easel with a half-finished work, as long as the shy genius does not take refuge in his comfort zone, in the drawing room.

Karla Padrón Nardiz

Booking Info:
Estudio Pedro Pablo Oliva
5 281 25 32

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