Provincial Museum of Art

Museo Provincial de Arte, Matanzas

Tuesday - Sunday 09:00 AM - 05:00 PM

The Art Museum in Matanzas is dedicated to the most diverse cultural manifestations with many samples of unique quality. The museum has a room in which we can find paintings and engravings from Matanzas, corresponding to the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, as well as pieces of universal art from France, England and Holland.

The other two permanent exhibition rooms recreate typical wealthy familiy dining and living rooms during the Republican era through furniture, porcelain, glass, metals, ivory, European ceramics, watches...

But without doubt one of the great merits of this institution is to cherish one of the most complete collections of African art in the country with around 340 pieces from 80 ethnic groups from 14 countries in Africa, with a variety of sculptures, liturgical drums, masks, seats, chests and tissues.

The museum also has a temporary room where the work of Cuban and universal artists is promoted and a sculpture courtyard which is used to many cultural activities.

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