Finca La Coincidencia

Finca La Coincidencia, Matanzas

Daily 10:00 AM - 05:00 PM

La Coincidencia country farm is located in an area whose inhabitants called Guasimal del Toro. In there, we have one of the most important cultural projects in the country, which was initiated in the nineties by the family of craftsmen Correa.

In this sort of school-workshop-gallery- agricultural farm coexist pictorial and ceramic pieces with hundreds of timber and fruit trees, bamboo and varieties of maize, beans, bananas, medicinal plants, coffee, okra, beans, sweet potato, pumpkin...

Since 2002 this place is the seat of the internationally renowned event Arte del Fuego and its Sculpture Garden is one of the biggest attractions for its harmony and beauty. Monthly, this agro-ecological and sustainable production farm is visited through Paradiso cultural tourism agency, for about 300 tourists from different countries, plus curious Cubans and foreigners. Do not lose the opportunity to be one of them.

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